6 New Years Party Songs to Blast with the Fireworks!!

Happy New Year everyone!!

I mostly listen to Indian music so this list is going to be full of those songs I wish played at the clubs or at least more internationally (or at least in Finland) so I wouldn’t look too weird in recommending these songs and being the only one who lip-synchs along to them, while knowing most of the steps. They are just more enjoyable to dance to, the beats are feet tapping and the songs are ear worms of the best kind!!!

So celebrate any way you want to, be at a party or make the party on your own!


  1. Happy New YearLovely 

The movie is named Happy New Year, how could I not include it! The song itself is spectacular with the gold emulating from every corner and Deepika Padukone dances like a goddess who every woman wants to be and every man wants to be with. But she is a goddess and thus controls the fever around her with a commanding presence. Kanika Kapoor provides the electric voice for Deepika in this song for you to take control of 2019 and leave 2018 behind!!


2.  Dolly Ki DoliPhatte Tak Nachna 

It’s New Year, there will be drinks going around. Wether you drink or not, or are like me and only a few sips from a trusted friend’s glass will do the trick for you to enjoy yourself for the night and not be worried about a morning hangover then this is a perfect song!! Sonam Kapoor spirits in to this song with a drink and a smile as Sunidhi Chauhan’s voice makes us happy. Side-note: I WANT HER LEHENGA IN THIS!! Its soooo pretty and the dance moves are so fun!!


3. StreeMilegi Milegi

A bit of fun dance moves mixed with some role reversal! The dance moves are easy and the song is a guaranteed ear worm. Sung by Mika Singh and performed by the cast of the movie, with Rajkumar Rao and Shradda Kapoor having fun and letting it loose on the set.


3. Fnaire & Nora FatehiDilbar Arabic

Not from any movie, though the original is. This hit song broke records when it came out (just like the original) and it one my favourite songs of the year. In 24 hours of its release it broke the record as the only Arabic music video to have 10 million views in a day (I might have been one of the millions, refreshing the page and all, even waiting till it released on iTunes just so I could listen to it all the time. Gah! I love this song so much!!). Fnaire are a Moroccan-based group and dancer, model and actress Nora Fatehi makes her singing and producing debut in this. The song may be titled Dilbar Arabic, but there is a mix of three languages in the song; Arabic, French and Hindi, making this a truly international song! So wherever you are in the world celebrating this is a FANTASTIC song to start 2019!


4. A Gentleman: Sundar, Susheel, RiskyDisco Disco

Retro is never out of style! Not when there are clubs with colourful lights, where fun times are to be had. The beat is quite soft, but the chorus of ‘Disco disco’ will NOT leave your head! The film is crisp, relaxing and fun just like the song. Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez dance to these retro moves with Benny Dayal and Shirley Setia singing this catchy tune.


5.  Ae Dil Hai MushkilThe Breakup Song 

No matter what kind of a year you’ve had this song will want you to make some a resolution on it. It describes universal heartbreak and how to deal with it all in a party atmosphere to let loose the demons and just enjoy life for what may come in the future. So, treat yourself today, go party with friends or eat ice cream on the couch while the clock strikes twelve. Whatever makes you happy is this songs message! Anushka Sharma is all of us who have known heartbreak and Ranbir Kapoor is her friend who is all too happy to lighten the mood. The music is by Pritam and the song is sung by the singers Arijit Singh, Badshah, Jonita Gandhi and Nakash Aziz. If you end up crying let it be a smile that comes after it. It’s a New Year after all and who knows what might happen?


6.  Yeh Jawaani Hai DeewaniBadtameez Dil

This song is just pure ENERGY! The title means Ill mannered / Restless Heart in Urdu. A song every party person who just wants to go TOTALLY CRAZY. The steps are difficult and quick and if you pull them off then I am truly impressed (hint: challenge a friend to dance to this and see how they fare). This song is flirty, fun, pure enjoyment and the trumpets make it all the more grand in its craziness! Ranbir Kapoor is the one with the restless heart with Deepika Padukone, Kalki Koechlin and Aditya Roy Kapoor as the best friends along for the ride! Composed by Pritam and sung by Benny Dayal this song is guaranteed to make anyone let loose whatever energy may still be left!!

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