Why no posts at this time?

There has been as the word is ‘Radio Silence’ from me for a long while. The reason is simple. School has started and I have suddenly more essays to write and school books to read. I have watched different media in between, but none that I feel like would make a good review where I could bite my teeth in to or would be different from the lists of Indian music that was the last post I have made in a while. There are others at work, but I need time to finished them, which now I don’t have unless I wan to risk schoolwork and test grades. But don’t worry, posts will come. I just need some time to get all the work done and then its back to business.

So, be patient and I will be back with things from the rabbit hole! But not before some I put some music I’ve listened recently, might not be great for studying, but dang its enjoyable while reading about Ancient Rome or doing at least 2 essays a day!


(Anyone else reminded of Karisma Kapoor with Sara Ali Khan? I mean by her face and confidently relaxed attitude. Discuss in the comment section!)


(For comparisons sake and its  great song and dance too! And also very 90s)


(Madhuri, my queen, I wish I can be as classy as her when I grow older)


(This song is so relaxing and the singing is top notch as well)


(No matter what form, Shahrukh is always the King of Romance. This is so epic and romantic at the same time)


(I just like this song and Katrina for that matter)


(Planning on seeing this is the theatre and by all likelihood will make a review as well)



So have great life those who don’t have school! I will be back soon! By this weekend if not sooner.

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