Netflixing: FYRE – The Greatest Party That Never Happened

Two years ago one of the most anticipated music festivals was about to take place in the Bahamas. There were going to luxury villas, luxury yachts, luxury planes, luxury tents, luxury parties, celebrities, musical acts and models. It was going to be an experience of a lifetime (for those who could afford the very high prices) to promote the Fyre Music booking app. Organised by its founder Billy McFarland and the rapper Ja Rule as the next big thing in the music festival scene and the best way to boost your social media status by being there, because after all, everyone important was going to be, so why not you?



The documentary is really well made, directed by Chris Smith, and it looks on all the possible perspectives from those who worked on the festival (marketing to catering) to those who attended it. Billy McFarland’s name should be in the dictionary under Fraud and Hustler, that is clear.

Personally I, like many of the masses, was outside looking in to this festival so I have to say I learned a lot just by watching this documentary. I didn’t know that the Fyre Festival had even happened until all the backlash came along with the jokes on Tumblr which I admit, were funny. It was all quite bizarre. These rich people panicking and running around, stealing, making the clear chaos even more chaotic. Seeing this documentary and the reactions of many vloggers in it, it seems surreal that it dissolved in to this “Everyone out for themselves” – mentality on the FIRST DAY! Now, I have never ever in my life been to a music festival, it’s just not my thing. So I have no experience in being in one, good or bad. But really? Granted there were HUGE promises made that weren’t delivered, but people, there is a thing called being calm and self-sufficiency, if something seems dodgy then don’t pay for it in the first place, or just make the best of a bad situation. You’re in the Bahamas and you have money, there are literally worse situations to be in. Added after watching a few more docs: Like Woodstock ’99!!!

But back to the documentary. It really illustrates at the end what some rich media persons are willing to do for fantastic photos, an enviable looking lifestyle (even if its fake), being somewhere great so that they can say they were there, and in the end, all of these people lost their money to a scam for indeed being a part of something great, the infamous Fyre Festival.




Happy Watching!

I apologize already if I sounded a little mean!

As I said, outside looking in. 

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