Three Identical Strangers

Life is stranger than fiction. Heck, I think one needs to have M. Night Shyamalan’s or Christopher Noland’s The Prestiege‘s (2006) need for bizarre twists just to even write this as a fiction, except it isn’t and that is the most unexpected twist of it all.

This is just a short review and recommendation because the story is so good and intriguing that I feel everything is a spoiler in itself.

The documentary is directed by Tim Wardle and he pulls you in to this bizarre twist filled story and makes clear the scale in which this all is a part of from the start. It feels like this story will be fun and fascinating, and it is, until the step-parents start searching in to all of this and the story turns from three brother’s meeting one another in to a reality so complex that it feels like a conspiracy at work.


So go watch this now!

Stream it or buy it, by whatever means possible!

You will feel paranoid afterwards! But its worth it! 



Thank you for reading! 

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