The Twilight Saga: Eclipse – Surprisingly Good except for The Love Triangle

So, third time seems like the charm. That’s certainly something I didn’t expect. Sure it drags on in places, but its surprisingly well done because o I don’t know WE FINALLY LEARN SOME BACKSTORIES FOR THE OTHER VAMPIRES! And I love backstories as long as they are well done and interesting, which makes all the love drama more dull in comparison.


Edward and Bella plan on marrying while she still has to decide to become a vampire or a human. Edward doesn’t want her to be and he becomes increasingly “protective” of her whenever Jacob is there. Jacob in the meanwhile understands that he means something important to Bella and that he can give her what Edward can’t. Also young vampires are being created for an army in Seattle for the sole purpose of attacking the Cullen clan and Bella.


So yeah this seems like a step up from the dullness of the last film. The cinematography is pretty, the fights are action filled, the tent scene with Edward, Bella and Jacob is one of the highlights (sadly no its not what you are thinking, but you can go write fan fiction about that). Its just the love triangle and her deciding what and whom to choose that is very tiresome, especially because Bella is really a manipulative character in this and we can see the conclusion a mile away.



All the actors are good in this, especially Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone as Rosalie and Jasper whose backstories we learn in this. Nikki really pulls it off, adding depth to this character who has so far been a little bit of a bitch, but within reason. Her backstory is really heartbreaking and I felt that I wanted to see her first days as a vampire because it seems really interesting. Now Jasper was a Confederate soldier (A point, I said in my Twilight review that I liked the actor who played him because of his looks and also acting just to add, not because of the heavily possible fact that his character is racist because he was a Confederate soldier, just want to clear that up) and he was set to make newborns and was completely on the bad side until he found Alice and the two are now very cute together, with his ¬†hopefully institutionalised racism not being a part of it, but then again he isn’t too fond of Werwolves so one can easily argue that that part of him never left. Ugh, this series is so problematic in so many ways and I hate it!

Sadly no Michel Sheen in this, but we have Dakota Fanning who fills in on the hammy in her own subtle way. Her scenes are quite a highlight.

And Edward is a jerk in this, choosing what she must do in a way to make the decision for her (that we clearly already know) and Jacob is also a jerk in forcing a kiss on her, but he apologises for it afterwards at least, and Bella is stringing him along that is pointed out and no other things are done. You can see why I prefer the side characters and the side plot to this love centred series. They are just more interesting and you know, not all about the romance!



Thank you for reading!

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