The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 – WHY IS THIS A ROMANCE AGAIN?

Well, this shouldn’t be called a supernatural romance anymore after this, I mean the gore is just over the top in this one. There’s LOTS of blood, there’s marital abuse and there’s deciding what a woman should do with her body without her consent. WHEN DID THIS BECOME ROSEMARY’S BABY OF ALL THINGS!!!!????

Summary for this gore fest:

Edward and Bella get married and go on their honeymoon. She to all of their surprise gets pregnant. The Cullen’s don’t know what to do and Edward mopes around trying to decide what would be her choice to make in the first place! The pack is scared about the baby and if it’ll bring destruction and all that. Jacob is a traitor to them. Bella is sick and looks it. Then boom the baby is there. Jacob get’s someone whom he imprints on. And SURPRISE (to no one because there’s a part 2) Bella becomes a Vampire.


Now I have to say that the beginning isn’t bad. It’s actually similar to the first movie with its jokes and awkwardness and family drama. It is quite heart-warming actually. The honeymoon though is full of cheese until boom the baby drama comes in and then its back to business with all the problematic things about this romance in general.



Yea all the actors do once again a good job with that they are given. Indeed it seems no one is taking this seriously anymore, just act it somewhat melodramatic and to the character and be done with it and have some fun with it if you can. So the wolves, scary as they are, have a voiceover now and sound more Disney than anything. It’s a little uncanny. I was more dumbfounded by how partly a good idea was, but also how bad it is as well, because now we hear the thoughts and I half expect them to start talking normally like in Disney, but no.

The beginning is the best part is what I’m saying. It’s all pretty, cheesy, awkward speeches and all which are cringeworthy ect. All in all not a painful watch, it was more like WHEN DID THIS BECOME A FREAKING 80S SLASHER MOVIE!






Thank you for reading! 

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