Bolero (1992) – Ravel on a Surreal Scale

Maurice Ravel’s Bolero is one of my favourite composition’s of music. It can be attributed to anything if one knows how to use and this animated short is only one of them. There have been many ballet as well as modern dance sections based on the composition and they are all wonderful to watch, but for me the music is the highlight.

This 1992 Russian animated short is directed by Ivan Maxmov and it won a Golden Bear in Berlin when it was shown there. The premise is simple, a dinosaur looking creature with a big nose and a loooong tail makes it way through two doors, the shot never moves and we see what little things happen around it and what this creature does. It’s an adorable creature.

The animation seems limited and it son purpose to heighten the music as well as what happens around it. From the corners come spiders, a surprise ball drops and the creature is unaware of all of this. Its a fainting 5 minute watch if noting else. The music is the key, there is no subtitles and because trying to find some reason in surrealisms is not my forte I will leave this at that.



Thank you for reading! 

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