Victoria & Albert: The Royal Wedding

Royal weddings are the best! The fairy tale, the guests, the dresses, the music and everything else that makes the papers on what is to be part of royal weddings. But there is also a lot of work to make it so beautiful, from cooks to seamstresses to etiquette that the wedding is the grand finale of the day, with the meal being an epilogue.

Lucy Worsley takes us along with other historians to discover what kind of wedding started many of the traditions we know to today and what we have come to expect from the royal weddings, especially in England. From the food, the music and the dresses we see what it took to make this wedding. With recreation of the wedding as the main point of this authenticity is key. The actors they chose are spot on as they perform and soon enough become the people of history with their skills.

I recommend this as a watch for whomever is interested. The list would be too long for me to say what kinds of people, but its clear that if royal weddings are your thing then this is a good watch, a fun watch and Lucy Worsley is always worth watching.


Thank you for reading! 

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