Eurovision 2007: Finland – My First and Forever My Favourite Because of It

This was actually the first Eurovision that I watched, being at home turf and all. At that time my family was living abroad so we had to order the DVD after it was already done and see it and after that I’ve watched almost every single one and will most likely do so in the future.

Now this is more like a look back to my first and in a way to see how things were at the that time and to snark, reminisce all that stuff for my own amusement. The thing I remember most is that it was a complete anarchy of songs, since Lordi opened up the Hard Rock genre to ESC and I guess every act then in Helsinki just wanted to go balls to the wall with craziness. It felt like while watching it that this is what ESC is supposed to be, complete controlled chaos of music and genre with a lot of fun and heartwarming moments in between.

Oh and for those foreigners (American and Asian ect.) who are unaware of this masterpiece of Europe’s battle with songs there are a lot of fun ways to sum it up, because it can be called many things. So I am not going to have one here, because each year is different in its own ways as well as the acts. But all in all its lovable anarchy filled with good to bad songs and memorable ones. Check out YouTube for different songs at different years. It is a trip you WILL want to make! 

And just a heads up I am not going in order because that would take too long to make this post so I am just picking songs from the official ESC 2007 and just saying my opinion on it, if they happened to be in order then good on me, but mostly these might be out of order.



I was young when I saw this (early teens) and I got the hint of the lesbianism in the song and the show of it while watching it. The song itself is very good, so powerful and Marija Šerifović  puts her heart in to it and the female support and the message of love come through even when the language is not English. A true deserving winner!


HAIL THE QUEEN! – Ukraine 

No wonder this song came second its CATCHY AS HELL! The metallic space opera feel of it just eye catching and Verka Serduchka was really there to have a good time. Its something we will never see in ESC again (as of 2019 when the Israel ESC hasn’t come out yet) and it will always be remembered in our minds and on Tumblr. Its feels like you are thrown in to anarchy of it all and its addicting and you don’t want it to stop. Yes, it’s silly, but I love it because of its earnest silliness.



First, leave the political comments in your head and don’t type them in the comments! This was a fun song if not quite a forgettable one (the title of it doesn’t help either). The haircuts and makeup are seriously early 2000s and the costumes  aren’t flashy. A good listen, but not one all will remember.



Ah, remember the time when Greece actually wanted to win and could afford it (at least how it looked). I love this worshipping women song, so fun and catchy, but when you listen to it a couple of times it’s quite raunchy. That was certainly my brain didn’t catch until now (I am not kidding!). All in all a fun song, when Greece was happy and we were happy because of this song.



The title is the first thing I think whenever I listen or watch this song. Dmitry Koldun is handsome, just flirty enough with his shirt open and all, pretty piercing blue eyes and all that is just the vibe I’ve always got from him. The song is good and the execution is simple and memorable, but the lyrics are as cliché as they come.


SO FINNISH AND SO 2007! – Finland 

Dark and depressing story set to a moody and powerful song, yep, it’s Finnish music at its finest with the gothic, black and blue aesthetic just making this an encompassment of what Finnish music is. The objective clearly wasn’t to win, but to show that we have other music as well. Hanna Pakarinen is so good and her pipes are amazing, it just the aesthetic that is hard for me to get past to loving it.


REASON #1045… WHY THE UK NEVER WINS! – United Kingdom 

There are so goods its bad and then so bad its cringeworthy but not worth hating, this is the song for me from that year. I mean it’s just a question of WHY? Who in their bloody mind had the bright idea to send this and not realise they would be mocked for it mercilessly? The innuendos certainly gave my young mind plenty to ponder on, the presentation is just second hand embarrassment and the song…well its not my cup of tea, but I don’t hate it. Just…why?



Here in Finland we get a lot of Spanish pop on our radio now-a-days, indeed I think it might be slowly conquering Europe with their catchy songs and beautiful language. This might have been the first step with the pre-One Direction this was as close as we got to them being older and together (just look at how similar they look!). This is fun song about love and most likely other things I don’t know since I don’t speak Spanish. But oh this older boyband D’Nash were and still are crush worthy, putting their all with their white outfits and dance choreography it’s just precious.



This song is forever my favourite because it has all things I loved at the time (and still do); romantic, great signing, ballet, catchy tune and it got in to my head then and I have it now again. I remember after seeing this just singing it in school, showing to my school mates I could sing it and I could sing in Macedonian (my poor innocent self with no Wikipedia to check the language). I wanted to have Karolina’s dark turquoise and velvet dress for myself and to be swept like she is in this song. Yea, never going to get old for me.



The song is nice and very Turkish traditional with pop in it. Kenan’s voice is nice, but the execution onstage makes me more interested in the background dancers than him. Oh well, still like it. Maybe a better listen than a watch.


SEXY CAGES! – Poland 

Sexy red clothes and dancing in a cage, it’s clear which demographic this is trying to please. The song itself sounds very dated its not even funny. Oh well its memorable if nothing else.



Neon pink and black and more neon pink with a song there as well. This is a guilty pleasure because it’s like “Hello, what do you think of France? Pink, cats, romance and tragic love with cupids. All right then lets do a song about it!”. I mean it’s like a Valentine’s card without any subtlety, the bright pink ones that say I LOVE YOU in bold letters.



This is a guilty pleasure. The whole thing is just “This came from Sweden?” because they take ESC very seriously. I heard the band is actually popular in Sweden, I can see why. The peppiness is addicting and the fun of it makes it memorable. At least Sweden let us have our day in the sun and not steal a spot in ESC the next year.



This song hit me home when I listened to and saw it. Because growing up as a Third Culture kid abroad, with many occasional trips home, this seemed to encompass what I wanted to do and how I felt, proud of my country and unafraid to show it. Sopho’s voice is absolutely gorgeous and so powerful, the traditional dance and the epic feeling of it is just makes it seem grander and magnificent than the others. So sad it didn’t win, but it will have a close tie to me no matter what.



This was the other song from which I learned some other words and phrases from other languages like Russian, German, Spanish, Italian and French. The presentation is actually quite intricate and the song is difficult with the timings and the energy is OFF THE ROOF! Todomondo is so earnest in their happiness while doing this that I can never hate it.



First drag act I saw was on Eurovision and its so nice, like a Disney Princess song that just makes you go “Awe”. Also DQ looks just fabulous in her pink feather get up anther voice is so wonderful. Underrated and it needs more love!



The song is powerful and would perhaps work today, but the violin part in the beginning saves it from just being OK. Granted the early 2000s leather look doesn’t help, but man does Natalia have pipes when she hits the high notes. My guess then, like now, its too much power and thus makes it only “meh” and easily overpowered by the other songs.



Spanish even in Norway it seems, they really did start taking over the world early. Not remarkable, not bad either, just an ok song that if played in Karaoke bars would have takers for it. It’s simple and not trying as hard as it should to stand out.



Just cliché, not a good song and not that catchy. That’s all. The outfit is not good for something like ESC, too much reminding of work clothes and like she stepped out of the office to sing this song and get to the kids. I don’t mean to be mean, it just the feel I get with this song. Skippable.


BORING BLUES! – Hungary 

I skip this song every time I listen to the soundtrack. Blues are just not for me, but she sings wonderfully. It’s just not that appealing to me and because of it the song seems to drag and drag while I wish it to finish.



If you like Vampires then this is for you, a good theme song as you rise from your coffin bed. As for me, its so over the top and so out there that it’s a mix of WTF and enjoyment. But also a little forgettable unless it goes in to the back of your head and when someone says “Vampire” this will be the one you will think of first.



Operatic acts are always good because they get your attention with both vocals and larger than life presence on stage. Don’t look at her costume, just listen to her vocals, because the dress looks like a Halloween witch costume without the hat. I can only imagine it must have been wonderful to hear this live, opera has that kind of power, you can practically feel the vibrations of the voice making her a smiling Diva on with the most powerful pipes on stage.



This is such a descriptive song it would be better suited on the stage of some musical than at ESC. Its beautiful, but just not a good fit and easily forgettable because it doesn’t fit the mould with either its music or presentation. The echoing epic vocals of the background is still good, that’s about it.


A HAPPY SONG! – The Netherlands 

This is the kind of pop ballad I like, positive, some story and bright colours. A good happy song with a beat that makes your head bob to it and you how it builds up makes it also a good song to listen to while walking as you conquer the world!



There seemed to be a theme with the songs with switching the languages in the song. But O man this song is relevant as anything today and will be no doubt in the future. Take a listen, the first lyrics tell it all. The beat is good, the switching of languages thought through and with the rhythm switching as well it makes sure you listen to it. Other than a good song one could just dance and jump to if you have a garage.



Yea, not a good song and the way they sing it is like Lordi just without the dark cool aesthetic they have. More fit for a music festival than ESC.



Happy and all good 70s, but other than that just WTF. The Hippie thing might work today with Hipsters, just not in 2007. I mean, he looks like he just dropped from the 70s with no other type of music to add to it that would help the modern audience. In other words its dated before it was dated in 2007.



This is actually a good song, the presentation is good and with the Portuguese flavour just adds to it. One can easily can sing along and dance to this. So yeah, good on you Portugal!



Just OK territory for me. The mix of modern and somewhat romantic red etherealism doesn’t jive with me at all. Also, possible cultural appropriation (look at the background singers). Just a boring song that needed more pump and heart.


CLASSIC! – Latvia 

This is such a lovely song! The men all sing greatly, adding a new flavour to the romantic with their voices and you just want someone to serenade it to you Lady and The Tramp style. Also, the young one with the white rose, red scarf and long hair is cute. So heartfelt it might make you tear up or just daydream.


HEADBANGING! – Montenegro 

Surprisingly good! Also the background singers faux Medieval dresses are so bad, but trying so hard. So listen up, this surprised me on a watch and listen with the good beat and guitar and the singer sings very well. And I am so glad the main signer’s haircut has died out of existence, its just…if nothing else doesn’t date this than the hair does.


IRISH FOLK! – Ireland

This would be a good song if not for the singers nervousness and the awkwardness. on stage. But as soon as she stops and the musicians start its all good, bringing that Celtic folksiness to its folkiness. A good message and a breezy song and she sings it well, pity is that she had the chance to take the stage, but didn’t.


HELLO EARLY 2000s! – Andorra

You know those songs at the beginning of shows on the TV at the time, peppy, not that good, a little catchy and always with a band. This is that song in a nutshell.



There is power in music and just the voice alone and this proves it. I actually have this song and love the techno of it, the presentation and the voice of the woman. She is so good, her voice is unique and can do quick beats all its own. The drums in this just so brilliantly put in to the song, the fact that they drum themselves just proves their talent and the two have brilliant chemistry. I never listen to any other alternate music stuff, but Eurovision and this are the exception. So original show of talent this will never be recreated! Just listen to it!



This really is a band filled ESC. Another powerful voice, an OK song, nothing much else to add.



This is actually a good song, it just seems too good for it. The jazz is fun and the signer is very wonderful. To hear jazz in German is another treat. This was such  unique act because it was so different. Take a listen!


ENTER FAIRY QUEEN! – Bosnia & Herzegovina 

A wonderful calm song with a beautiful singer and aesthetics presenting it. It takes a turn for the ballad in the middle, but it’s a really wonderful song.


JUST OK! – Iceland 

The voice of the singer is nice and the song has a nice beat, but there isn’t much else to it. The lyrics are just passable. Again, just not my type of music.



Yes, I am talking about the gong and the fan dancing. It distracts from the song, which is just ok and it doesn’t help me when I am looking at the backup dancers.


NOT THAT BAD! – Austria 

The song that is, I have no idea about the unsexy dancers in bird costumes. I mean, what is the meaning of them? And it just hit me, the breast cancer symbol in the back. Boy, that took me longer than it should have. He should have just cut the backup dancers and put the sign forefront so we understood what it meant.


And I think that’s all. If I missed any then put them in the comments so I can add them here. 



Thank you for reading!

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