Thor: Ragnarok (2017) – The Best Space Drama in the Universe!

This is my favourite Marvel movie and my favourite Thor movie, no competition (Black Panther is a close second). Coming behind two Thor movies, with the first movie being good and the next one was kinda meh (I’ve found it hard to even watch it from the beginning for some reason and just skipped to the Loki parts) this movie revived Thor back to importance and to someone you could actually root for when Infinity War came (though I am still mad at it for basically changing back things the way they were, instead of sticking to what changes this movie gave to Thor).


Thor returns to Asgard to see it run in the hands of Odin (who is Loki in disguise). Loki is revealed and the two go searching for the real Odin who tells them that they have a sister Hela, the Goddess of Death and lo and beyond she appears, ready to take over Asgard. Thor meets Scrapper 142, who is a servant to the eccentric Grandmaster of Sakaar. Then on the way to prevent Ragnarok he meets up with the Hulk. What follows is a bright coloured fun, humour and epic scenes worth seeing in HD to feast your eyes on the spectacle.



In the past Loki has pretty much overshadowed Thor, and even when he is not there Thor’s been overshadowed by the other Avengers. The writers of these movies didn’t know what to do with him, but Taika Waititi does and he does it brilliantly. Chris Hemsworth gets to not only flex his muscles but his comic skills which are both perfect, his emotional scenes hit because we know where he is coming from and for once it is actually nice to care for him as well as Loki.

Hello! Loki fangirl here and unashamed of it and also a fan of Tom Hiddleston if it wasn’t clear. Tom Hiddleston really has always known how to play Loki and he has pretty much had the most juiciest role an actor could ask for. This time he gets to take a backseat, but his emotional story still has importance and his character growth gets a little closure. There is enough of him and he doesn’t overshadow anyone.

Cate Blanchett as Hela is having a blast being Hela. Its if Galadriel went bad and she isn’t holding back the hammy nor the evil and she looks fabulous while doing all her bad things and its both awesome and makes her a good adversary for Thor and Loki.

Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster of Sakaar is having the time of his life. He is essentially Jeff Goldblum who just dressed up and went to makeup in to the set with his dry sounding humour that are said with a smile on his face. He is not a villain, but he is one of the bad clogs in the universe, like Emperor Caligula but with a sense of humour and in a space suit.

Tessa Thompson as Scrapper 142 is fantastic in her Marvel debut in this and she is absolutely perfect as the hard-drinking Asgardian away from home who is still badass and funny. She sticks to her guts, but is not afraid to go up against a fierce enemy for the greater good. Mark Ruffalo also returns as Hulk/Banner and the CGI really helps bring him to life this time. He is just awesome in both forms, one a big fighter and the other an awkward and lovable nerd.



There are themes of imperialism in the form of Asgard and its past which show itself in this, and makes us wonder why it got past all the other directors since its pretty clear Asgard is an empire. Also in Sakaar with its gladiator battles and “prisoners with jobs” who have fan clubs and parades in their honour. These people are loved and valued according to the Grandmaster

The music is pure 80s sync and it fits so perfectly with this newly crafter yet familiar world. The colours pop out of the screen and it feels like a B-movie in an A-movie skin sometimes in Sakaar, but its all in good fun and Taika Waititi knows what he is doing. His trademark quirky but heartfelt humour is what this Thor franchise needed and he did so splendidly I just want him to direct all the rest of the Thor movies from now on (see Thor disappear in Endgame as I write this…).

I love this movie to bits! It makes me laugh from the first and it makes me feel for these characters so much it’s easy to get teary eyed at the end. It answers so many questions of “what if’s” of the Marvel cinematic universe that had not yet been done and all are extremely entertaining. Its bright and colourful, the 80s music fits and adds so much to it and I find myself cheering in so many parts of this its like watch the World Cup Final in movie form. Oh and I will never grow tired of this movie, I’ve watched it many times and I still love it and enjoy it to bits and I swear anyone who watches this won’t be disappointed!



Need more Ragnarok? Here’s some good videos about this movie which I absolutely love:




Thank you reading!

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