I am going to SCOTLAND!

Yea, what it says in the title. A holiday with family and going to see my sister who goes to school there. I’ve been to Scotland a handful of times, but it is a very nice place to go to because its not busy like London (where honestly I just go to maybe a few museums and then go see a musical).

So yeah no posts for a week here because I am not taking my computer with me.


Listening to these before leaving to the airport! 


(Shahrukh and Mahira Khan make a good pair, hopefully they can be together in a movie at some point again)


(Happy, light and happy)


(The soundtrack is very good for Raabta, sadly it doesn’t get the notice it deserves…)


(Sushant Singh Rajput is so generous with his abs in this)


(I swear kohl eyeliner makes guys like 1000x times sexier, we need to bring it back in to fashion. I mean come on!)

(This is all so pretty and still so very Karan Johar. And yeah, hopefully Madhuri does at least the minimal of dancing at some point since I heard she had back problems. Better to be safe than sorry, but I am not expecting Dola Re Dola)


(Will I near go tired of this masterpiece of song and dance? Nope!)


(I swear I want to recreate this scene and song at some point)



And guaranteed travel songs! (might actually do a real posts about this at one point…) 


(This is one of my favourite movies and soundtracks, this song is just the epitome of it)

(THE train song that I put on every time I am in a moving vehicle, especially the Metro)


(And finally my new favourite. Rap was never for me, but I didn’t hate it and actually liked some points they showed up in Indiana film. But now I am totally converted to the Gully Boy soundtrack. I am just so mad that because of this trip I can’t see the movie when it comes to Finland. Hopefully you guys can wait for me to do a review of it when it is available for streaming.)


Thank you for reading!

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