ELKDTAL Character Analysis – Kuhu – A Loving Secret

I am doing character analysis for some of the characters of the movie Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga along with some other analysis to come. I have A LOT to talk about this film and I just want to let it all out in these posts, because a full spoiler free review is one I am unable to do without it becoming messy. So I have these posts to discuss and analyse the characters of the movie, since they all have their stories and all tie in to one another. So thus these posts.




(This is one of the best tweets ever! Seeing India have another Gay Icon is wonderful it just makes me happy, just like this movie)

You people are lucky to have Netflix in the USA and India have this movie in streaming HD there. I have to watch it on Einthusan for now, which is fine. It just would make reviewing this easier if it was just simple clicks away. Anyway, its streaming and that is the good thing as more people will see it and love this movie that was only a month in the movie theatre’s yet caused no riots or protests (at least that I know of, it wasn’t Padmaavat style) and it was realised nicely in to the Mumbai Pride which is so fitting. Again, the marketing here wasn’t all balls out and big like in some masala films since the backlash would be as big as it was. It was safe to make it small ounces and just believe that people would come for the stars, for the acting and the story, wether they leave the theatre at the midpoint is not their problem.



The Extroverted Other Half 

Kuhu and Sweety are opposites, yet their chemistry and willingness to be comfortable with one another and push the other as well as their complimenting personalities make them a perfect fit for one another. Kuhu is clearly the more outgoing one with her taking part in the Delhi wedding proceedings as a dancer and always at the front while Sweety has to be pulled in to the dance group to practice with them. Kuhu is comfortable in herself and is not shy to ask if Sweety prefers girls (aka her, not being subtle there isn’t she).



This is going to be some clothes and colour talk in ‘Gud Naal Ishq Mitha’ since it shows her personality in contrast to Sweety’s. In the song Kuhu is first wearing dark blue (either Indigo or Royal Blue) that makes her both look stunning as well as more mature, which she certainly is. She stands out from all the pastels of Punjab that Sweety herself is also wearing. The next is that she is wearing a yellow kurti with white pants while Sweety is in pastel blues and when the two dance and interact its like Sweety is the sky wanting to be with the bright yellow sun that is Kuhu. Raza, Kuhu’s brother is in green and olive tones like the earth, like her expectations are to be on earth on him, while she yearns for Kuhu’s sun. Then at last Kuhu is in dark purple or burgundy, mature colour but also more refined while Sweety is in pinks. They are close now, but Sweety is still not as mature as Kuhu is and its her style to be in pastel’s and she doesn’t want to stand out. The thing about Kuhu’s colour choice is that that when the lights go dark its like she blends in with it, like the secret she is to Sweety. While Sweety’s on clothes stand still out in the darkness, thus hiding Kuhu who is next to her. I haven’t figured out the rest of the colours yet for the later on, but I expects its the same as Kuhu is back in Punjab and gets more entangled with Sweety’s family with their knitted sweaters.




Does her brother know? 

If you ever had that question then I think now watching it again he does. I think he had an interest in Sweety and wanted his sister to know that he was interested, but then relented happily when he found out or figured out she was more interested in Kuhu than him. Then as the first song goes on we see the camera focusing on the two siblings, throwing the audience off about who Sweety is looking at.



This is just personal opinion, but I think Raza is happy to just spend time with Sweety event thought he knows she doesn’t like him the same way (just like Sahil later!) and shows no signs on not liking being both the cover and the third wheel in their growing relationship since I think they both know that they are restricted by tradition and people’s expectations during the wedding. It’s just safe to have someone as cover. Heck! If you watch the song you see Balbir more concentrated on Raza than Kuhu and Babloo becoming more aware of the Kuhu and Sweety since he already knows Sweety’s secret. Two men trying to protect their daughter/sister by making sure she knows that they know, but one knowing more than the other.


As the first song is ending Raza tells Sweety that they are moving to London and that Sweety should consider studying there. She doesn’t confirm it then but later when she is in Delhi trying to get a Visa we can see that the idea he gave has born fruit. Its a good set up, but easily missed at first (I did) and now on rewatch its nice that he is such a good brother in helping Sweety be with Kuhu by suggesting she go to England to study. He is, for all his small screen time, the anti-Babloo. The brother who helps his sister in the right way and is happy with who she is, no trying to restrict her with talks about family honour or what people will say and certainly not trying to sabotage her communication devices so she will stop seeing Sweety again.




Thank you for reading! 

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