My New Favourite YouTube Channel! And its all about stuff I don’t know!

Sorry about this abnormally day post. I know I usually post on weekdays, but this was one thing I wanted to share.

I have listened to classical music all my life, mostly because I did ballet for 9 years and my parents love classical music – its a go to music choice in the most cliché way for our middle-class family whenever a party is to be had. Either that or lounge music jazz and then Christmas music when the season comes. I love classical from Mendhelsson to Tchaikovsky and have always thought of it quite seriously…until I watched one of these guys videos.


Now I discovered (found, really) this YouTube channel by accident. Brett Young and Eddy Chen or TwoSetViolin created their channel in 2013, they have a Wikipedia page, Twitter and their own website. Both are violinists and have a fantastic natural humour and comedy. They make musical jokes and when referencing they show what they are imitating (for us not as cultured as they are in classical music, let alone playing it). I’ve watched now many of their videos and they are all hilarious, depending on your sense of humour of course. And you learn so much of musical lingo and humour that you just want to keep watching just be in on the jokes more (though the Viola was something I had to google).

Anyway watch a few of their videos if you are interested! Below are some of my favourites! 


Thank you for reading! 

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