Some Indian Travel Songs

I was on holiday in Scotland we rode a lot in the car and I listened to A LOT of Indian music while in the backseat. Pritam in the Highlands and A. R. Rahman on the plane, they both seem to have perfectly captured what it feels like to be somewhere else in their songs and so here is a list of music fit for the highway on the ground or on air. And this is all my personal opinion, FYI, I am not a musicologist – only someone who has travelled a lot and loves Indian music.


  1. Highway – Patakka Guddi 

This is my platonic ideal for a travel song. It makes you want to look out of the window and go running outside. There is a lot of self searching to go along with and with this A. R. Rahman score with the Nooran Sisters singing wonderfully with their unique voices in Punjabi. No matter what the mood is the whole Highway soundtrack is perfect for travelling if you intend to not just look at the scenery but at yourself as well. Its much deeper than first thought of and this really is the epitome of it for me from the whole soundtrack which has a lot of beautiful songs to choose from.


2. Dil Se – Chaiyya Chaiyya

Yea, of course this was going to come and its going to be on the list of train songs as well when I come to it. IT JUST FITS ON SO MANY LISTS AT THE TOP! Anyway, a good metro song and train song if travelling by them. The music is catchy, Sukhwinder Singh’s voice is so 90s yet goes somehow beyond it and the score of course by A. R. Rahman is timeless. Also the fact that they filmed this on a moving train! No camera trickery here and the perfect choreography is what makes it work so seamlessly.


3. Jab We Met – Yeh Ishq Hai

Imtiaz Ali has a trademark in his movies of people travelling and I can see why, his movies contain many songs with them. This might sound odd, but when listening this song there is a kind of feeling of going from one point to another, the journey is after all as important as the journey. If one happens to find love on the way then that is just a bonus!


4. Piku – Journey Song

This is just a lovely movie and with an even lovelier soundtrack. From a daughter and an elderly father going from Delhi to their ancestral home in Bengal with their servant and Irrfan Khan on the way this story is both quirky yet down to earth. Shreya Goshal singing in her native Bengali language, often called the sweetest language in India and I can see why from hearing it here. There is an easiness to this, like resting yourself in a hot car while the window is a little open to let the air in and the siren call of history and home calling you forward on your journey.


5. Dil Chahta Hai – Dil Chahta Hai (Title Song)

I think I would be hounded with comments if I didn’t put here and I agree it is a good song. Fit for the car ride shown here. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I agree that this is a good song.


6. Zindagi Na Milegi Dorbara – Khaabon Ke Parinday 

Nope I haven’t seen this movie either (I know I am a HORRIBLE human being!). But I acknowledge that its a good song and after all they are riding a car.


7. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – Ilahi 

THIS I HAVE SEEN AND I LOVE IT TO BITS! Pritam beautifully captures the excitement, restlessness and joy of travelling around the world.


So what are your favourite travel songs? What do you listen to when you travel? Indian or Western do you listen to the songs of the country you are currently travelling in? 

Thank you for reading!

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