Harlequin/Mills & Boon: Least Likely To Marry a Duke – Oh the Anticipation!

Who knew ASDA was a good place to find books? And for cheap? And where I found my first romance novel and read it on the plane before finishing it at home. I’ve been aware of Mills & Boon of the Harlequin romance novel publishing company for a while, but never have seen their books in person so to see it in a supermarket of all places was wonderful to see. AND IT WAS CHEAP! JUST 3 POUNDS! I HAD TO TAKE IT!


In Great Standing, Dorset in 1814 the new Duke of Aylsham, William Calthorpe, has to take care of his unruly step-siblings. He is a proper man, an upstanding man of etiquette and decorum. Then his world changes when he literally bumps in to the outspoken, free willed and minded and keen antiquarian Verity Wingate, the daughter of the retired Bishop. The two of them butt heads more than once and when a children’s prank leaves the two of them on an island it’s a question of reputation, propriety and matters of the heart that are at stake.


This was a nice read. Its not badly written (I think Mills & Boon’s are higher quality than the usual fare, even by the quality of their nice pocket sized paperbacks) and the characters are very of that time – yet clearly not of it in the most usual way. Verity is very much the Modern Woman (TM) of that time yet ahead of it with her interests and Duke Will (yes I will call him that for funsies) is all uptight and ridged like a man of that time would usually be, especially with the package he is carrying (that can be taken many ways. Enjoy!). Verity’s and Duke Will’s chemistry and interactions are the best parts of the book and the tension reading this to when they will do the inevitable makes you want to turn the page, because that is mainly the reason you are reading this book in the first place. They are well written both and you can see as to why they would not be perfect for one another in the beginning, but at the end they are clearly meant for one another (I hardly think saying that is a shocker. I mean c’mon).

Then there is the setting of the Regency. Surprisingly even for me the setting was well established, same as the rules of society and what would happen if you broke them. There is the use (I think, but I am not 100% sure) of the period slang and the writing does go on in to details like court dresses and clothes (mostly when it’s about taking them off) and they read good for that time. So historically this does cut good as well. So a very delightful read and all in all swoon-worthy story filled with characters we know will change and how they will, but there are some twists and reason in this Regency romance.

Side Note: The fact that the 3 pound sticker on the face of the Duke who is basically going be every woman’s dream is hilarious. Now he is even more left to the imagination than before and also Verity is “eyeing the money”. Hahahaha! I love this book…


Thank you for reading! 

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