Good Omens Fan Videos

Good Omens is my current obsession and you will have to deal with it. The show is so good!!! Tennant and Sheen are magnificent pair, their chemistry is impeccable and they bring such humour (both words and physically) as they are opposites yet the same in their roles as Crowley and Aziraphale. Needless to say the internet (and Tumblr) has gone nuts for these two and fan videos have been popping up like daisies. They are so good, some more in to the music, others more in to the romance and some to show the parallels between the two. Needless to say if you are an Aziraphale x Crowley shipper these should make your heart flutter at these two idiots who’ve pined for one another for the last 6000 years. #ineffablehusbands


This is my favourite of the lot. It captures the mood of the two divinities and their personal drama and chemistry as well as their moments of just simple love in a lovely rendition where it makes you feel the weight of what they have. This is just EPIC, be it the show itself or these two beings in love with one another.


This one is beautifully edited to the music of Queen. Just well done made video where I wouldn’t change a thing! Its so lovely and makes you chuckle at these two idiots.


This shows the parallels between the two showing that the Demon and Angel aren’t so different as they seem.


This one’s all for the love of these two and its just absolutely lovely. Because every scene with them is filled with love and this showcases it well.


Just Crowley, the not-as-cool-as-he-thinks-he-is Crowley. The Best Moments of Crowley, basically. Feat. Bentley and Sunglasses


Another Crowley one. A little more funny and lighter than the one above. Tennant is really just a joy to watch. Feat. Black Sunglasses and Snaps


Enemies to Best Friends to Lovers Trope anyone? This is just how good these two are together.


This is equal part romantic and comedic. Oh and the slow moments just on their faces are just precious. So wonderfully acted!


More in to the love than the others. I swear these two are soooo married it hurts in the best of ways. Cliché song and them two together is just sooo cheesy and yet somehow so appropriate for these two idiots.


I have to stop it here because I honestly can’t go through them all, but have a nice time listening and watching these two lovely in love idiots pine for one another like  a forest over and over and over and over again!

Thank you for reading! 


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