Happy Independence Day India and Pakistan!

I know this is a day late for Pakistan’s Independence Day, but one cannot have one without the other in this case. And the British really did dirty on both of them on the way they handled the Partition. A line on a map, a piece of the country divided as well as different faiths battling to survive from the attacks on the other once their mutual enemy left. So this is why I share this Independence post with the two of them.

Just a disclaimer, I am neither Hindu or Muslim, nor am I Indian or Pakistani. So that is to clarify anything any troll might put in the comments. 

This is bittersweet for some, happy and joyous for other while for others it’s a memory that formed who they are as a person today. So this is why I share this Independence post with the two of them. In the end it is not about the religion or the governments that make a country, but it is the people and cultures within it, which is diverse and shouldn’t be demonised by the other for simply living.

So, this is a different post from the usual review and much more blog like then what I’ve done recently, but I felt I needed to do my bit. That is it.

Below are some sad to heartwarming videos for this Independence Day 

Thank you for reading!

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