Downton Abbey (2019) – The Beloved Series Gets A Grand Finale!

I will not lie and say that I did not enjoy this movie. As someone who watched the series when it aired, got caught up in the drama, the costumes, the time period and all the nudges of progress shown in the show. It still remains one of my favourites, cheesiness, occasional unfortunate writing and characterisation shifts and all. In the end it is for those who watched the series, who loved it, and it knows it.


Downton Abbey gets news that the King and Queen will visit them on their Yorkshire tour. All preparations are afoot, but nearly everything seems to go wrong. Soon Mr Carson was to be called up to help, and with a little quick thinking, the occasional unremarked scheming, the whole of Downton eagerly awaits for the Royal visit.


In the year 2019, where ire towards the rich is ever growing for their extreme frivolity as the gap grows between the classes this movie seems like the last hurrah for that kind of thinking of the old ways, then as it is now. The kind of world shown here is a dying one that keeps on decaying even now.

And thankfully the writing is aware of it. It seems Julian Fellowes took to heart all the complaints from the series and made this movie to make them have what they all wanted. Lady Mary, whom I went from being irritated and annoyed at by her constant bullying and disregard for Edith to be glad to see her “grown up”, adult responsibilities and all. Edith is happy and that makes me happy. Branson gets a love interest that actually suits him and he suits her as well. They are just adorable! And Allen Leech’s heart eyes made every woman in the theatre swoon. Barrow gets a chance to be happy and all in all everyone who you care about are in good hands. So there’s no need to worry.

The writing is sharp and to the point as ever. Maggie Smith says her lines with as much, if not more, quotability. The story’s turns are enjoyable and a delight to watch. The budget is considerably increased and it shows in those scenes-between-the-scenes moments when character are in private and all around slice of life of Downton and the characters. That is not to say anything about the costumes which have been made more spectacular. My own favourites were every costume worn by Edith, my favourite only after Sybil.

In the end, all this felt the right for the characters. Everyone got their deserved end, ones that we were expecting, others we weren’t and with the overall theme of love in the end there is no doubt that no matter what happens everyone will be happy. Troubles may come, but Downton and the characters will survive it. Just like they had survived in the many, many, many years in the series.

So, for any Downton fans this will be a very happy end to tie the series with. It gives you everything you want and more. With a lot of heart, smart quips, surprises and some sadness. You will cry, smile, dream and say goodbye to this past world with a happy smile, with tears in your eyes. Satisfied.


Thank you for reading! 


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