So Now You Know: A Memoir of Growing Up Gay in India – An Intimate Honest Portrait

This is the memoir of the author and Verve magazine writer Vivek Tejuja and his experiences growing up gay in India, a country who repealed Section 377 last year- a law from the era of the British Raj – that was against gay sex of any kind, and thus the whole LGBTQ community. In this new post-Section 377 world his book comes out as a confirmation that things are changing.

Tejuja tells of his childhood to his late teen age years, growing up in the 90s in India, his family, hurdles in his life, and most of all the loneliness. Writing like a friend he talks about himself with candid earnest honesty about his life, the regrets and missed opportunities. It paints a picture of a life filled with broken expectations on many fronts, but with hope for the future and hope for love in the future.

In a way this is a deep look at the isolation of being gay means in India; from the family, friends and the community that all have their expectations of you to be one way or another. Calling in to question society, etiquette and social norms in a language equal to talking to a friend whom you have known for a while. Sometimes that frankness rises in to a rising voice that makes poignant remarks on both his and others behaviour, and rightfully so.

What is also apparent in this is Tejuja’s love for books, how big of a part they are in his life, and while reading it felt that there would have been no other form to which he would have told his story.

Here is his book blog! 


Thank you for reading!

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