Netflixing: Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

When I say that the sanest person in this whole documentary is a cocaine drug lord who sells drugs to fuel his exotic animal habit and also watched as his subordinates chopped and burned the body of an ATF informant. He sets the bar for sanity in this show, even if he shows up only for a moment.

The rest is total bat shit crazy (no other way to say it). Joe Exotic is an exotic cat owner with his own reality show, who is in a gay polygamous marriage and might be a cult leader considering how he treats his staff. Then there’s “Doc” Antle who is definitely a cult leader of the worst kind, in a polygamous marriage with his women “assistants” and should be behind bars. Carole Baskin who is a former exotic animal owner and now protects exotic animals and is Joe Exotic’s greatest nemesis and who has dark secrets of her own.

The animals and their abuse in the hands of these owners of these private zoos almost come second to the drama that unfolds between the people. And trust me when I say I have only given you the premise and some character traits. The rest is so crazy, so unnatural and so out of the left-field it feels like you are seeing a conspiratory board unfold, yet not completely, as there are still questions that are left up in the air. You’ll come to your own conclusion. But the final conclusion will partly be the one for the animals who really need rescuing from all of these people some way or another. It is just that crazy it is hard to believe this is reality.

Thank you for reading! 

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