Sushant Singh Rajput: A Memoriam

I know it has taken me a while to write this. There were many reasons, especially the circumstances, the many unfounded conspiracy theories and hate that followed, leaving the real discussion of mental health (especially in this time) behind.

Now, I feel like I can talk about him and what he meant. I by no means followed him constantly or was unaware of him. I saw some of his movies, but not all of them.

I did notice him and loved him in Raabta as the young, charismatic and ever-smiling young man. His chemistry with Kriti was so special and even though the film is considered a flop, it is still a good movie and deserved much more attention than it got. I think that goes for many of his movies.

Then I saw Kedarnath where he showed his pain and anguish as a young man in love once again, only with a tragic ending. I can’t bring myself to talk much more about it and it will take a while to watch it again.

It is sad and many questions are asked. Sometimes the demons we battle are stronger than the body that carries it, the world seems grey and there seems to be nowhere else to go. I hope his next life will bring forth happiness. You were a bright and talent star now has reached the sky.

Rest in Peace Sushant 

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