2021 – Well, The Last Year Certainly was Something

Hello! I know I abandoned this blog for a LONG time…like almost over a year. There was just something that felt so much like work, not fun for a while and then the whole COVID-19 thing happened (and is still happening) and the world became quite chaotic.

I just needed to take time off for myself. I am now studying writing at a year-long course school and things are going well. But I just felt that I needed to go through the motions with this whole world changing stuff and with so much bad.

This blog is still dear to me and I will get back to reviewing again. Maybe mostly books and some TV and whatever I like. Consistency isn’t my strong point.

Thank you for all of you who have read my posts and I hope you all are doing well. The world is still dark and the future is uncertain. Everyone is going through tough times and you are allowed to relax and feel what you feel during this time.

It’s OK. Everyone is going through a lot and that is perfectly normal right now.


One thought on “2021 – Well, The Last Year Certainly was Something

  1. Kirre! You know how much I love this movie! I enjoyed reading your take on it! Humma Humma remake is one of my favorites as well and yes, the chemistry between Shraddha and ARK is just tremendous. I can’t believe this movie flopped. It is one of my all time favorite happy movies!


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