The Twilight Saga: New Moon – Just Skip to the Last 40 Minutes

Well, the second instalment in this saga surely was something. I found myself a little more bored with it, even stopping at one time and editing another post, but then the location changed, the camera movements became better and boom I was invested again.


Continuing from the first movie Bella and Edward are now together when suddenly Edward and the Cullen’s are leaving town and he tells Bella to forget him. She goes in to a downward spiral and becomes closer with Jacob who seems to be hiding something as well. This time there are Werewolves and Vampiric Royalty in the mix along with a hefty amount of shirtless scenes and love triangle drama.


Now as a former (maybe even current) Jacob x Bella shipper I was happy with this film (Team Edward you can rile me up at the comment section). There is certainly more chemistry and love between the two characters, but then in the end with Edward and Bella reuniting it also feel genuine if not for the inevitable groan coming from me because now the plot is again in full swing with these two and the ones with Bella and Jacob just felt more, oh I don’t know HEALTHY! (except for one moment towards the last 40 minute mark which was just childishly done, but that’s a writing problem)



So to the characters! Bella is really at her most manipulative and frustrating here. I mean Edward breaks up with her and she spirals in to a destructive pattern of trying to have an adrenaline rush just to see his face! Girl, I know he broke up with you, its painful, but you have supporting friends (Heck, Anna Kendrick even comments on her behaviour in the movie in a very self evident way) so don’t go looking for a rebound with Jacob (its unhealthy in that aspect from her side) and just go eat your pack of chips and watch sad movies and mope for a while. YOU WILL GET OVER IT!

And yea Edward is in it too, but very little and what little he is in its very destructive for himself and Bella. So here’s where the unhealthy part begins…At least Robert seems to be bored with the proceedings and because his character is suppose to be sorta weak here he

So to the best part of the movie, aka the Italy part. As I said it’s the best part of the film with the sheer quality that increases with it, since the rest of the movie is really missing the unintentional jokes that made the first one so wonderful in its cheesiness and instead is all the love triangle, which really isn’t a triangle if one has enough brain cells. Michael Sheen is in it as Aro, one of the Vampire Royalty, who seems to be the only one who knows what kind of movie he is in and decides to have fun with it and he is a delight. Hamming it up with a smile on his face being an immortal Vampire. There is even Dakoda Fanning whose big red eyes and subtle acting are really good and somehow can be hammy and memorable even with a few lines.

So there’s my review! You notice there aren’t any spoilers part for this and this is really all spoilers on certain parts but not others, but I really don’t want to looks too much in to these movies right now. Maybe late or never. And really we’ve heard enough about these movies to know what to expect, its not genius writing or anything and the twists aren’t really twists so that’s why this format for these reviews.




Thank you for reading! 

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