Tolkien (2019) – NON SPOILERS – Everything You Could Ever Want!

I could really leave the title at that and tell you to go watch the film, but I won’t because I want to talk about it. More of course in the Spoiler review that I’ll publish only when the film comes out.

So some context. I am currently writing this since seeing the film on the 17th of April in Finland. There was a small red carpet where one could take pictures, a special intro with Lily Collins and Nicholas Hoult saying they were sorry they couldn’t be there and the director Dome Karukoski, the second director Antti Lahtinen and editor Harri Ylönen (all Finnish btw) came to talk afterwards about the film and answer some questions. If you think I am bragging a bit you are right! Because I have never been to a preview show like this before and I felt like a freaking VIP watching and wearing my Evenstar around my neck.

I’ve read The Hobbit and got a little on The Fellowship of The Ring, but left it, same with The Silmarillion and The Guide to J. R. R. Tolkien by Nigel Cawthrone. I think I will start them all again when I can and the two Lord of The Rings movies are on Netflix now so I think I’ll binge them at some point. I also have the Extended Edition on DVD and that marathon will happen some weekend when I have absolutely nothing to do. Also from Tumblr I’ve gathered some nice off tidbits of Tolkien’s life so I didn’t go to this movie unprepared. I am what you would call a casual fan who still admired him, but I was going to judge the movie on its own merits first.  

This film is so beautiful, not just the visuals, but the music and editing. It all moulds in together to tell the story of Tolkien and his journey. The production value on this film is high and it shows and the clothing is period accurate to my eye. It perfectly captures what might have been Tolkien’s word view and imagination throughout his life – I mean we are talking about a man who people hated to go to walks with because he would stare at a tree for 20 minutes – with shadows and nature all around. Some direct references are shown only a little, but otherwise everything build up as you recognise the references, but the man itself is yet to make them in to such. It’s wonderful storytelling for both book readers and movie fans.

There is not a wrong note in sight, you laugh in the beginning and I was crying like the other people around me by the time the credits began. Nicolas Hoult as Tolkien is  truly making the performance of his career (for me at leat) in this. He is not acting a legend, but a man who was filled with both curiosity and lust for learning and who is still a human. He is not a pedestal except for us, but he is surely gifted like the real Tolkien was. Lily Collins as Edith Bratt is strong willed and spirited, the two are very much in equal footing when together, and their chemistry is so loving and caring you cannot help but smile for the two of them. And the chemistry between the boys of the fellowship that forms with the boys during their school years is so natural and filled with great performances I can’t do them enough credit in this review.

I could go on. But that is what the Spoiler review is for that will be posted only after the movie comes out in the 3rd of May. It’s just courteous to do so and I really want this movie to succeed. It deserves it (and I am not just saying this because I am Finnish) and whatever awards and acclaim this movie will get – things I really hope it does – are all well earned I can assure you. Its worth the love and support since it really does tick all the boxes. SO GO WATCH IT WHEN IT COMES!

Thank you for reading! 

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